Combined traffic

The logistics solution of the future. Flexible, cost-efficient and productive.

In recent years there has been targeted investment in the new construction and expansion of the trimodal infrastructure and in cutting-edge technology. As a result, the Königs Wusterhausen port is managing the transformation from a traditional inland port into a freight centre and modern logistics hub.

A container terminal is in the planning stage

The trimodal container terminal belonging to GVZ Schönefelder Kreuz features a high-performance link to the rail network and waterways. There is unhindered access to Germany’s national motorways, which can be reached within 1.5 km.
The container terminal will feature a capacity of up to 1,400 bays for 20’-containers, and can be operated as a public or private terminal. Upon request, it can be staffed by employees of the port’s operating company.

A terminal for the horizontal transloading of semi-trailers is in the planning stage

This terminal, which is to provide a daily processing capacity of up to five block trains, is to be constructed no later than 2018. Up to 110 bays for semi-trailers are to be provided at the inbound and outbound terminals. The terminal’s operating company will be responsible for the loading and unloading process from road to rail and vice versa.
With this terminal for semi-trailers, the port operator and its partners are providing transport and transloading technology of the future, reducing road traffic and thus providing commercial benefits whilst also reducing the impact on the environment.