The direct route into GVZ Schönefelder Kreuz

Can be quickly reached via the A10 autobahn

GVZ Schönefelder Kreuz has very good transport connections. It can be reached via the A10 autobahn, the southern Berlin ring road:
  1. exit the A10 autobahn at Junction 9, Niederlehme (in the direction of Niederlehme/Zernsdorf/Fähre KW).
  2. At the traffic-light crossing, head towards L30/L40.
  3. Take the second exit at the roundabout
  4. Continue along L30/L40.
  5. Now turn off at “Zum Hafen an der wilden Aue” into the GVZ.
  6. The direction signage on the premises of GVZ Schönefelder Kreuz will help guide you.


Hafenstraße 18
15711 Königs Wusterhausen
Phone +49 3375 671–0