Top-class location by the A10 in the Berlin transport hub

The southern Berlin ring road (A10) leads right past our front door

GVZ Schönefelder Kreuz is located 25 km south-east of Berlin and is in the immediate vicinity of the capital city’s BER airport. GVZ Schönefelder Kreuz is directly connected both by road and rail to the important European Transport Corridor II, the main transport axis from East to West (Paris – Berlin – Warsaw – Moscow). It is also located between two additional core network corridors which connect Scandinavia with the Mediterranean, and the ports of the Baltic and North Sea with the eastern Mediterranean via the region of Germany’s capital.
The site is integrated within the “Regional growth core (RWK) Schönefelder Kreuz”.

Optimal transport links

  • Direct link to the southern Berlin ring road via the Niederlehme junction of the A10
  • Berlin feeder roads: A113, A115, L30/L40
  • Long-distance road links: A2, A9, A11, A12, A13, A15, A24
  • Heavy-goods transport: via L30/L40
  • Trans-European core network corridors:
  • North Sea-Baltic Corridor (II) (Rotterdam – Berlin – Kaunas)
  • Orient/East-Med Corridor (IV) (Scandinavia – South-East Europe)
  • Scandinavian-Mediterranean Corridor (V) (Scandinavia – Southern Europe)
  • Direct link to inland port with access to the waterway network leading to 
    international ports

  • BER Berlin Brandenburg Airport

  • 10 km of own railway infrastructure
  • Integrated transloading terminal for combined transport (planning stage)
  • Direct link to railway axis Berlin–Cottbus

Fast links

  • A10 (Berlin ring road) within viewing distance 
  • Niederlehme junction: approx. 1 km
  • A12/E-road E30: approx. 10 km 
  • Schönefelder Kreuz autobahn junction: approx. 7 km
  • Spreeau autobahn interchange: approx. 10 km   
  • Airport: approx. 15 km 
  • Direct rail and waterway access

Major road links

Berlin-City approx. 25 km
Dresden approx. 165 km
Hanover approx. 280 km
Hamburg approx. 340 km
Polish border approx. 66 km